Love What You Do

If you love what you do, you’re passion propels you forward. You find yourself so engrossed in the work that 1pm comes and goes and you finally remember that you forgot to eat lunch.

The pathways in your brain are firing and if you took a minute to listen to your body you’d feel your heart rate dancing the samba. And success follows.

So how do we get to that nirvana? First, you should realize that not everyday will be like this. There’s going to be one day you have to be the heavy and lay down the law with someone, and another day that is filled with frustrating tasks that have to get done. And yes, there may even be a day where you thought you were going in the right direction and you have to back track.

It’s important to love your everyday. But it’s more important to love the direction you are going in. You can make the most meticulous plans but keep some flexibility in there for diversions, for research, for instincts. Eye the horizon and not your feet.

(Get out the crackers, I’m about to lay on some cheese…) And as Terry the yoga teacher in Daytona Beach quoted, “It’s the journey y’all”. So love your journey and success will come.

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